Youtube Addiction!

Well, since I found this video-sharing website long-long time ago, I can’t help myself getting out from this condition: “typing youtube.com on my browser everytime I go online”. I search anything from it. Music videos, short movies, funny videos, how to’s videos, full-length movies, etc. Maybe I can say that I can’t live any day without go youtubing. DAMN! I think I have a YOUTUBE ADDICTION!


Yes, it does really fun. For me, Television was defeated by Youtube.Since the first time I knew how to download those videos and saved them on my computer, I became crazy and crazier day by day. Till now, maybe I already downloaded more than 1 TB videos only from youtube. And, I don’t know whether download a youtube video is legal or not. šŸ™‚

Anyway…these are few channels that I visit frequenly

1. NigaHiga —-Ryan is HILARIOUS!

2. Kurt Hugo Schneider —Kurt is one of the most genius musician on youtube

3. Madilyn Bailey —Madilyn is gorgeous and her voice is just simply amazing!

…and many other channels, mostly musicians. I love cover-artist, LOL!

But, every kind of addiction may go to the negative way, I think. So, I just hope that I can manage my youtube addiction in order to make me stay human. I mean, well, I don’t need anybody to tell me that I am anti-social, I have already felt that way when I looked down to my computer and started to youtubing.Ā  Woops! I think, it’ll be easy at this moment because the new rules from youtube protect some videos so I can’t download them. Yayyyyy me!


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