Nonton Yuuukkkk….

Okay, after all the hypes, I guess I need to watch The Avengers too. And, IMAX sounds tempting, isn’t it? Okay, let’s try. What about tomorrow? Okay, I am not sure if I can get a ticket, but I’ll go there to check and if it possible, I’ll watch the movie at 3.50 PM. Noted!

Nah, saya mau coba-coba menyusun jadwal nonton ahhh… yang hype-nya tinggi, such as Batman: The Dark Night Rises, nggak perlulah dicantumkan, MUST SEE mah itu, so, I’ll just make a list of romantic-comedy movies that will be released in 2012, which is likely I’ll go to watch. They are:

1. Lola Versus (released in US: June 8, 2012, limited)

2. What to Expect When You’re Expecting (released in US: May 18, 2012)

3. Rock of Ages (released in US: June 15, 2012)

4. Ted (released in US: July 13, 2012)

5. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift (released in US: July 13, 2012)


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