[My Today’s Agenda] Belanja buku lagi…

Actually, this was my yesterday’s agenda… Before I hit the theater to watch Garuda di Dadaku 2, I went to @TMBookstore at Poins Square, Lebak Bulus, Jakarta. I heard about year-end sale from one of a thread on [group Goodreads Indonesia]. I am really exciting to go, and I was happy to make it, yesterday.

Though, I guess, they still not in fully service cause I feel that the book stock wasn’t complete at all. I don’t know why, but some of the book that I am looking for weren’t there. Such as Sakinah Bersamamu by Asma Nadia or Ranah 3 Warna by A. Fuadi. Both of them are popular books so I assumed that they provide them at the shelves. But, they were not on the shelves, at least, yesterday.

Btw, though I didn’t find books which were I looking for, I still bought few books that I liked it. What are they? Take a look at this picture:

Oh, don’t worry. This year-end sale is open since December 24, 2011, till January 4, 2012. So, if you are looking for a discounted book, then you should go there immediately.


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